Monday, May 2, 2011

Eat My Fuck Mitt Romney

Just in case you think that Mitt Romney is not just a dick for a bunch of cross burning motherfuckers:

“You remember during the Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter debates that Ronald Reagan came up with this great thing about the misery index, and he hung that around Jimmy Carter’s neck and that had a lot to do with Jimmy Carter losing. Well we’re going to hang the Obama misery index around his neck.”
He continued, “ The fact that you’ve got people in this country really squeezed…We’re going to hang him with that, so to speak, metaphorically, with uh, you have to be careful these days.”
uh, maybe you might if anybody in the news saw this as anything more than a 'gaff'.   So while I am here, eat my fuck Corporate News Bitches.

1 comment:

Spiros said...

Romney's only redeeming quality is his compulsion to insert his foot in his mouth, when he's not out "huntin' varmints".